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Health Coach


My background is the food industry with a degree in Food Science and from that you would think that my diet would be top notch and full of all the right foods. In truth it wasn’t, it was full of rubbish. Lots of sugar, the wrong fats and not enough protein. I was overweight, not massively but with a little “middle aged spread”, and although my energy levels were high I used to have spikes through the day fuelled by all the wrong foods. I was then introduced to the Herbalife products by my ex wife who had been using them and seen a massive increase in her energy levels and wellbeing. I tried the products and grew to really like them. In December 2014 I joined the business to become a health coach and share my story and the products.

My initial result was to lose a stone and a half of body fat and see an enormous increase in my energy levels giving me everything I needed to meet the demands of my busy life. Since then I have used the products every day and have no intention of stopping using them. With training and exercise I have seen my fitness levels increase and I can now do things which I always thought impossible. I am currently working on #projectme which is to take part in a triathlon as well as doing the usual events over the summer such as the 34 mile Sandstone Trail. I am currently in the best shape of my life and will improve on that as I haven’t felt this good since I was a student at University.

I enjoy working with my clients to improve their nutrition and lifestyle and help them to achieve their results through the use of balanced nutritional products alongside a balanced diet and an exercise regime to suit their requirements. No two people are the same, hence the personalisation. I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your goals and educate you on good nutrition.